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When the bronze statue of beloved mascot Justinian the sheep-dog goes missing in broad daylight from outside Raleigh College, Cambridge, it’s up to Genie Jones and Henry Wenlock to solve the case.

Who could have a vendetta against a heroic collegiate canine? Can Henry and Genie’s friendship survive an investigation? And what happened to the bike that was locked to the statue? The answers will lead our student detectives through formals, libraries, societies, and a conspiracy that could go right to the top.


Wenlock & Jones premiered on Memebridge weekly from April to June 2017, over the course of Cambridge's 8-week Easter Term. It was written, produced and acted by students from the University of Cambridge. Without a Film department at the University, and no financial support from colleges, the project was crowdfunded on Indiegogo.

Wenlock & Jones is now the winner of the Royal Television Society (East) Student Comedy/Entertainment Award, and was nominated for the RTS National Student Awards.

Wenlock & Jones is Calypso Pictures production.



Cassia and Yaseen became friends through Twitter and then bumped into each other a year later at Cambridge while he was on his bike at a traffic light. They decided to write a show about Cambridge, a bike, and friendship. It's funny (because they are), it's a mystery (because she decided Oxford had all the good detective shows) and it's on the internet (because that's how they met).


A few months later, their friend and Producer Elizabeth Howcroft asked whether they knew which platform they would use. Patrick Brooks, their Director of Photography and also a pal, suggested Memebridge, and that's where Sathya came in. Now the show can be found on the Memebridge Facebook page, where it aired every Sunday of Easter Term 2017 (Cassia and Patrick's final term at Cambridge).